Display Screen Equipment Assessment

There are many regulations governing the obligations of employers regarding the health of their workforce and one area that has seen a vast increase in recent years is the assessment of computer related jobs. Almost every business now has some form of Display Screen Equipment (DSE) and offices in particular often need the help of professionals in providing comfortable environments for people to carry out their daily duties.

A Comfortable Workstation

The term comfortable in this context does not mean highly upholstered furniture to lounge upon but desks and chairs that are at a convenient height for extended use. If visual display units (VDU) are positioned awkwardly anyone operating them will be sitting or standing with a poor posture that can lead to conditions similar to repetitive strain syndrome where muscles cramps, aches and pains in the neck, back, shoulders and arms can become all too familiar.

Eye Strain

Fortunately eye strain won’t directly lead to permanent damage but it is uncomfortable and will lead to a lack of concentration which in turn can result in a lack of efficiency when dealing with the daily tasks. Symptoms of eye strain are varied but usually include at least one or all of the following list:

  • bloodshot eyes
  • eyes watering uncontrollably
  • sensation of grit under the eyelids
  • poor focus
  • fatigue

Display Screen Regulations

Under the recent legislation employers must take some responsibility for the health of their operators who work continuously at computer screens. Workers who fall into this category may even be outsourced home workers but if they are in front of a screen for a minimum of just two hours their employers must contribute to an assessment programme. Regular eye tests are recommended to ensure everyone who works at a VDU monitor has excellent eye health.

Workstation Assessment

When an office is reorganised and new equipment is brought in it is worthwhile seeking the advice of a professional assessor to find the optimum positioning and even choice of furniture to help with any problems that may arise. Working comfort must not be sacrificed for the sake of eye-catching, spectacular designs that may impress potential clients. If a desk is allocated to a new employee the regulations stipulate that checks should be made to ensure the desk and chair are ideally positioned.

Professional Assistance

When dealing with the practicalities of assessing the general health including the eyesight of the workforce it is beneficial to seek professional help. Following an expert’s recommendations for suitable office furniture, the best positioning of monitors and the arrangement of lamps and ceiling lights to illuminate the work areas is more than helpful. Both time and money are saved when setting up Display Screen Equipment if the correct choices are made in advance. The results are clearly worthwhile and can lead to a significant increase in productivity. Contact Health Screen¬†for expert guidance on Display Screen Equipment Assessment procedures.