The good and bad sides of e cigarettes

Anywhere you go in the world, you will find many people smoking, even at a young age. We cannot also stop these teens from smoking because they were influenced by their friends. Some of their parents are smoking, too, that is why some of them just ignore their son or daughter when they catch them. While there are also teens, who are just hiding their smoking habit.

When we buy a pack of cigar, we can find a notice there, saying that Cigarette smoking is bad for your health. But, we often ignore that warning because we cannot stop ourselves from our habit. Some people can control the number of cigarettes they lit every day. There are also those who are called as chain smokers because they smoke too much and then, a pack of cigar is not even enough for them in a day.

Many people are saying that instead of smoking a cigar, they better shift to an e cigarette. In fact, we cannot really say that it is better because both ways are forms of smoking. With the usual tobacco smoking, we can get diseases, such as lung cancer and coronary heart disease. And then, non-smokers, who are exposed to smokers may also get the same diseases or illnesses. Therefore, taking everybody’s health at risk.

What’s an e-cig?

Do you know that electric cigarettes are known for different names? We have electronic nicotine delivery systems, e-cigs, vapes, e-hookahs and mods. An electronic cigarette is a device that is operated by a battery. Smokers use this device by inhaling an aerosol that may or may not contain nicotine, with flavor, aroma and chemicals.

There are various electronic cigarette brands in the market. So, you can always choose the brand that you prefer. It also comes in different styles. Some of these e-cigs resembles a pipe or cigar. There are also those that looks like a USB or a pen.

How an e-cig works

You can find different components in an e-cig because they have different styles. But most of them consists of a cartridge or a reservoir, containing an e-liquid or e-juice solution. This is the one with chemical, nicotine and flavor amounts.

It also has an atomizer, which is a heating component. It must come with a battery, where the power supply is coming from. And then, it must have a mouthpiece for the user to inhale the content or the aerosol as well as the vapor. Most e-cigs requires puffing to activate the atomizer as well as to vaporize the e-juice contained in the cartridge.

The Good and Bad Side Effect

An e-cig is not only common in adults, but it is also popular among the teenagers. Most of us believe that an e-cig is safer than smoking any form of tobacco. This is one reason why these electronic cigarettes are already available around the world. It could have been better, if this e-cig is really a safe product to use than a tobacco. But, are we sure that it is really safe for smokers and non-smokers?

Actually, there are unknown health effects of an e-cig to our body. That is why there are countries, where minors are not allowed to buy e-cigs. But, do you know that an e-cig may affect our brains? We all know that the e-liquid contains nicotine and other chemicals. Your body will absorb those chemicals when you smoke an e-cig and then, it will stimulate your adrenaline glands to release epinephrine, which is responsible for stimulating the central nervous system of the body as well as in increasing the blood pressure, heart rate and breathing.

We cannot say that an e-cig is really safe, but the good thing is that you can minimize tobacco smoking, which is actually more life threatening than an e-cig. Some people, use an e-cig because they are determined to quit smoking. If the e-cig that they are using contains nicotine in the liquid, then he may also get addicted to it. So, he must make sure that it is nicotine-free. But, he must not take an e-cig as a replacement for tobacco cigarette just to quit smoking. Instead, he must take it only as a temporary solution. Sooner or later, he must learn how to totally quit from smoking both the tobacco and e-cig.